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'I’m a worrier. And I’m vulnerable and fragile. But all that worry fuels my tank, enriches my existence and turns me into this creature with plastic wings and a bruised and battered helmet. A worrier with a story, lessons to learn and teach, tears to be shed, smiles to be shared, clichés to spout and a long, long list of apologies to be made. This life is our fatal flaw, and that worries me. But I’ll be okay for now. I haven’t self-combusted today, I haven’t run out of peanut butter, I haven’t been hit by a car… And I suppose that kind of makes me worry a little less… Then I realise I’ve started a sentence with the word and. In a way, there’s a kind of reckless beauty to that.'


2015: Tupac and the Black President: Coming to Grips with social change.

I wrote this piece this time last year. To say the least, it still seems pretty relevant. manipulate (ma¦nipu|late): Control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly or unscrupulously: the masses were deceived and manipulated by a tiny group I see no changes. All I see is racist faces. Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races we under. I wonder what…


The two sides of September.

A piece about Melbourne’s most outstanding month. Part I: The sun arrives. It’s nice when the sun comes out. People seem to be in less of a hurry. More likely to smile at no one in particular, and muse about the delightfulness of life. They’re not busying themselves in their private matters as much, not burying themselves in their phone…

boys don't cry

Boys don’t cry.

Open your eyes, young boy. The lights shine on you, the hands grip onto your hips and they gasp at your dry eyes. Welcome to uncertainty. Welcome to your father’s arms. Welcome to your mother’s bosom. Welcome to a white house with a picket fence. Welcome to the luck of the draw. Don’t forget their faces. You grow. You watch…

Charlie Brown

the things we carry

I question if it is all written already. Whether I’m destined to make the same old mistakes, and rue them as they unfold before my very eyes, with her hand being clasped by another. Why am I myself behind closed doors, and someone completely different in other rooms? I sit here, the emotions within my soul leaving me breathless, and…

alan patridge three for free


A new series highlighting three songs you should be throwing into your playlists immediately. Do the hustle… do it… do it!  Adore You – Nao Why listen?  Although this song was originally released in 2014 on Nao’s debut EP So Good, this track still stands out as an outstanding example of this East London based singer/songwriter’s repertoire on her recently released debut…

guillame balzac contes

The Science of Fear: What are we so afraid of? Part II ‘Sparks into flames’

For Part I: The Science of Fear – Part I ‘What has the world come to?’ ‘What the hell is wrong with the world?’ ‘It’s such a scary time to be alive.’ In Part I of The Science of Fear, I addressed the question that has been marauding around in papers, social media feeds, water coolers and in the pockets of…